Dental alignment technique with bracket

Dental alignment technique with bracket 3danimation April 27, 2023
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3D Video Animation Dental alignment with Bracket


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Dental Aligners with Bracket

Creation of an informative video in 3D animation showing the system of aligning teeth with brackets, tubes and special wires.

The 3D animated video represents an effective tool to clearly and precisely illustrate the functioning of the system patented by Dr. Armenio called “Clever Orthodontics”. Thanks to the 3D simulation, it is possible to show in a descriptive way how the teeth are aligned through the use of brackets, molar tubes and Clever wires of different sizes and characteristics.

The use of these tools makes it possible to achieve correct alignment of the dental system, improving not only the aesthetics of the patient’s smile, but also the functionality of their teeth. In the video it is possible to see how a first dental and bone irregularity is corrected thanks to the action of controlled forces exerted by the devices of the “Clever Orthodontics system”.

Thanks to the 3D animation representation, it is possible to precisely understand the alignment process of the upper and lower dental arches, and to appreciate the effectiveness of the Clever Orthodontics system in resolving the patient’s anomalies.

Ultimately, the production of a 3D animated video represents a winning choice to clearly and precisely illustrate the functioning of the Clever Orthodontics system and demonstrate its effectiveness in correcting patients’ dental anomalies.

dental implant made in 3D with alignment elastics

The 3D simulation allows you to clearly illustrate the teeth alignment process with the help of Clever brackets, molar tubes and wires of various sizes and properties.