About us 3danimation April 24, 2023

Since 2011 we have been collaborating with companies to improve their corporate communication in the industrial and scientific sector.


We not only have technical knowledge in the 3D production branch, but we can support your business with communication and marketing strategies.


We define ourselves as digital artists because we take care not only of the technical aspect but also of the aesthetic aspect of the images we create.

About Us

The “3D Animation” site is a satellite of the main site InUnMinuto.it, a company specialized in the production of corporate and promotional videos in 2D and 3D. The vast experience accumulated in the field of visual communication has led the company to create an additional service with its own identity, oriented towards the creation of highly professional contents and videos 3D animations and designed for industry in general, for the medical branch and biotechnology and for all those branches of science that need the creation of 3D content to be best represented.

Thanks to our experience, we can create content with a high quality level, ideal for promoting industrial products or research in the medical and scientific fields.

Content and video creation Highly professional 3D animations.
Creation of 3D content for industry in general.
Creation of 3D contents for the medical and biotechnological branch.
Creation of 3D content for science.
Creation of 3D content to promote industrial products.
Creation of 3D content for medical and scientific research.
Creation of corporate and promotional videos in 2D and 3D.
Promotion of industrial products.

A Story in Brief

InUnMinuto.it, is born, a 360-degree advertising and communication agency.

The “3D Animation” division is born, which deals with creating high-quality 3D content for products that require an accurate presentation. Using the latest 3D technologies, we develop custom videos and animations that can best express the products.
We focus on creating quality content that is engaging and effective in communicating the characteristics of the product in the best possible way. We also offer a professional consultancy service to help our clients choose the most suitable animation solution for their business.
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