3D Vascular Surgery: Venous Catheter Installation

3D Vascular Surgery: Venous Catheter Installation 3danimation May 10, 2023
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3D Video Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, Central Venous Catheter Insertion Guide

Among the specializations of our studio in the production of 3D content is Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, for which we can create video content that accurately reproduces all phases of operations and surgical interventions involving the heart and the vascular system.

Using 3D images we are able to clearly and thoroughly show all the tools used in the operation and the phases of the surgical operation. The surgeon has an effective tool to be able to disseminate and enhance their work in a professional way and with a strong impact from a medical and scientific point of view. This video illustrates the phases of replacing a venous catheter, using a device external to the patient. The animations start from a 3D reconstruction of the cardiac system and then focus on the affected part developing all the animations of the catheter extraction and replacement operation.

3D rendering of woman with antibacterial medical patch

We create cardiac and vascular surgery videos with accurate and detailed images. Useful for doctors and patients. Example: venous catheter replacement.

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