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The latest trends in 3D animated video production 3danimation May 5, 2023
Photorealistic rendering of a man's face
The latest trends and news in the 3D video and animation sector

The latest trends and news in the 3D video and animation sector

3D videos and animations are increasingly in demand in the world of marketing, communication and entertainment. These are techniques that allow you to create realistic and engaging images, capable of capturing the attention and emotion of the public. But what are the latest trends and news in the 3D video and animation sector? Let’s see some of them.

Animated collage

Collage animation is a type of animation that combines real photos, animated illustrations, and moving figures. It is a creative and original effect, which creates a contrast between the real and the imaginary. You can see some examples of videos with this animation technique by searching for the word on Youtube “Collage Animation“.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics are animation or digital footage that creates the illusion of movement or rotation, usually combined with audio. Motion graphics are widely used to create commercials, television title sequences, explainer videos, and product videos. Motion graphics can be done in different styles and techniques, such as 2D, 3D, cel-shading, flat design and minimalism. On this page you can find some examples of videos made with the Animated Graphics technique.

Photorealistic Realism

Photorealistic realism is a technique that aims to reproduce 3D images with the greatest possible degree of detail and fidelity, imitating the physical properties of light, shadows, reflections and textures. Photorealistic realism is widely used to create visual effects for film, television and video games. Some examples of photorealistic realism are the film “THE LION KING ” of 2019, or the video game Unrecord, created by a small French team called DRAMA, consists of a real-time rendering developed with Unreal Engine 5 software. This game stands out for the surprising realism of the images, almost to look like an amateur video recording. You can also see one of our videos where we present 3D characters that are characterized by the photorealistic rendering of movements and expressions.

Low poly style

The low-poly style is a technique that consists in reducing the number of polygons that make up 3D images, thus creating simple and stylized geometric shapes. The low-poly style is widely used to create environments, characters and objects with a retro, vintage or futuristic flavor. The low-poly style can also be combined with light, color and texture effects to create interesting contrasts. Some examples of low-poly style are the video game “ Monument Valley”.

Interactive 3D animation

Interactive 3D animation is a technique that allows the public to interact with 3D images, modifying some aspects or influencing their behaviour. Interactive 3D animation can be used to create immersive and immersive experiences, such as virtual reality, augmented reality and video games. Interactive 3D animation requires the use of specific devices, such as viewers, controllers, sensors or smartphones.

These are just some of the trends and innovations in the 3D video and animation industry. It is a field in continuous evolution and innovation, which offers infinite creative and expressive possibilities. If you want to know more or if you want to make your 3D videos and animations with a specialized agency, contact us!

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